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(Script excerpt taken from recovered Hunter Cell training archive. Source unknown)


(A man wearing a black fedora and tan trench coat fades in)


I’ve been asked the same question a lot over the years: what does it take to be in the Cell? Well, I’ll tell ya what it takes – a lack of empathy and a broken kill switch.

(The man takes a drag off of his cigarette)


You can call me Judge. The group of you have been recruited to train for a spot in our reserves. Only the top three of you recruits will make into our reserve program. For the rest of you, if you’re still alive, you’ll be debriefed and sent packing. Nothing personal.

(JUDGE strides over in front of an image of an open meadow.)


You will be loaded onto a bus and shipped here to The Meadows for your eight-week basic training course. This will tell us which of you has the fundamental skills needed to survive in this racket. From there, you will go on to eight more weeks of specialized instruction. You will then have to prove your mettle in The Crucible – a hands-on final exam. For those recruits that survive, you will have to sign a 16-year reserves contract. Should you go active in the Cell, your contract will reboot, and you’ll be required to serve ten years on active duty. Should you never get called up from the reserves, you’ll be debriefed and free to go after 16 years.

(Judge walks over next to an older man with white hair in a high-and-tight)


I’ll now turn you over to my friend and mentor, Phobos. He will serve as your instructor for the duration of your stay here in basic.


Hello, and welcome to the basic training phase of your journey. It’s my job to take you pissants and turn you into killing machines. The first lesson you’ve all got to learn is that there’s no room for fear out there. I am fear! If you feel like shitting in your slacks then you’d better do it now. If you so much as give your target an inch, you’ll be worm chow.

(Phobos paces across the stage with his hands clasped behind his back.)


A little bit about me… Once upon a time, I was a General and led hundreds of brave Marines to their deaths. I may have led them to their graves, but I ALWAYS led them to victory!

(The shaking man gathers his emotions.)


That was a long time ago, though. These days, I have the fun task of building assassins. There aren’t very many of you out there in our reserves. So, not many of you standing here will become agents. Alright, enough with storytime, maggots! Grab your crap and make for the bus parked outside. You belong to me now.



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