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Monthly Archives: June 2013

(Taken from Reno media, 2041)

Reno authorities made a break in the recent triple homicide arson that rocked a suburban community.  Last week the home of former fallen MMA star Roberto Farnes  was left in ruins and with no clues as to the cause of the demise of his wife and teenage son. Today, that has all changed for investigators thanks to the remnants of a letter.

“It appears to only be the remaining fragments of the entire message,” said one investigator, “but it’s enough to give us a warrant.”

What follows is the portion of that message that was released to the public media:

‘This is what is waiting for you. You will burn and suffer a hell of the likes that have never been described. I will avenge their thoughtless losses one mangled corpse at a time — until your empire is nothing but a wasteland.’

Authorities have matched the writing to that of Mr. Farnes. A warrant for his arrest was issued this morning by Reno Police. His current whereabouts remain unknown.

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