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I have included a list below of all of the songs that have inspired either the characters or the story itself. If the tune has something to do with the character’s personality then they are listed next to the track. All of these songs are available in multiple locations for download. I personally use the Amazon Cloud Player.

Killing Machine  Judas Priest

Paper Doll   The Mills’ Brothers

China Girl  David Bowie (Ivy)

Cowboys From Hell   Pantera (Rider, Judge, Sledge)

It’s No Good   Depeche Mode (Ivy)

The Assassin  Iron Maiden (Katana)

Primal Concrete Sledge  Pantera (Sledge)

Galaxia  Gypsie Kings (Sledge, Rider)

More Human Than Human  White Zombie (Steam Punk)

Looks That Kill  Motley Cru (Max)

Night Shift  The Commodores  (Sledge)

Destructo  Two Steps From Hell (Cerberus Group: Jagger, Troy, Dominic and Borg)

Barrel Of A Gun  Depeche Mode (Pat McGarren)

The Last Stand  Two Steps From Hell


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